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Micah O'Keiley is an entrepreneur creative who's hats include CEO, Sales, Production, Personnel & Marketing Manager, Director, DP, Filmmaker & Videographer, following his passion of film production.


Coming from a family of creatives, Micah has always been a hobby photographer and filmmaker, but he officially began his journey into the world of professional photography and film 12 years ago. He evolved a brand with his cousin, Beau Johnson, and re-named it 'epiem'.

What proved to be a monumental success for epiem in the first 3 years, it was just not enough to quench the creative thirst. Beau eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a different path in film, while Micah decided to stay back in Seattle and continue to grow as a business owner and as a creative; pushing limits and changing the game. Although epiem was thriving, it was also covering a broad spectrum of creative ventures from graphic design and photography, to real estate and film; plus everything in between. Micah concluded that dividing the epiem business model into separate entities, removing the photography aspect of the business and hiring separate crews, was a great solution to providing more "specialized" business practices.

Micah formed BlueCake Films - a wedding videography company, KoDra Productions - a production studio, and ViewEstate Tours - a real estate media company; all ventures based around Film Production. While epiem still exists, it is currently being remodeled to host a hub of creative articles, blog posts, tutorials and shared content.


Micah is proficient with many cameras and different types of equipment. He personally owns a 6k RED Epic Carbon Fiber Dragon.

If he hasn't had a chance to tinker with a different/new camera model yet, he can learn it's functions to be able to operate the equipment in a matter of hours.

Micah also has extensive knowledge and expertise in software such as the full Adobe Suite (including, but not limited to: Premiere, After Effects, Speed Grade, Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator), Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Avid Pro Tools, Edius, Nuke, Maya, 3D Studio Max and a plethora of other software from basic word processing to web site development.

He has worked many different positions on productions to be able to broaden his toolset and bring at least a fundamental knowledge of each position to the table.

Micah's true passion is Directing and he loves being the captain of the ship. His background in business and management makes him a clear leader able to wrangle even the most difficult of situations with a smile -or at least, without angst.


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